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      เว็บพนันบอลออนไลน์ ฝากถอน ไม่มี ขั้น ต่ํา

      Hockey is one of the most popular sports in Canada to watch, play and bet on! And although the Canadian Hockey Federation is reassessing its laws on single-game and multiple-game betting, things are not expected to change too much.

      Whether you’re a die-hard NHL fan or new to hockey sports betting, wagering on NHL odds can be both exciting and challenging. If you want to make the most from your NHL bets, this guide is for you!? Although the Canadian

      Betting Expert Hockey

      With competitive teams and thrilling playoff structures, NHL hockey can offer a range of profitable and exciting opportunities for both seasoned betting pros and newcomers. However, to win big, you have to know the NHL betting inside out.
      We have written this guide to help you succeed in hockey betting in Canada. It is written by experts with over a decade of successful ice hockey betting.

      It includes:

      ? How to bet on hockey online
      ? Best hockey betting systems
      ? Hockey betting apps
      ? Different NHL betting odds and line
      ? Recommended hockey strategies, and more

      How To Bet On Hockey Online

      Betting on hockey in Canada is only profitable if you know how to bet correctly.

      Read on as we explain, so you understand better and play better:


      Important Rules

      Here are a few important hockey betting rules that you need to know:

      ? If the game is postponed, abandoned, or the venue changes, the bet is nullified.
      ? If the game continues, as usual, the bet will stand
      ? In the event of a totals/handicap tie (called “push”), the bet will stand void until the handicap tie selection is provided
      ? Period betting don’t include shootout or overtime
      ? For wagering purposes, a hockey game is deemed official only after it crosses the 55-minute mark
      ? Gaming bets should be placed on the scheduled date on the website

      How Does Hockey Betting Work

      Ice hockey betting allows players to choose a side they predict will win. Essentially, intuition needs to be involved. This is no exception, as in many games, you need to be able to predict the outcome, such as in crash gambling. In addition to that, NHL betting enables users to wager on total goals scored and various other betting odds on your favorite markets for every game.

      People with kids playing hockey near mountains

      Hockey Betting Terms

      Here’s a list of some commonly used hockey betting terms:

      Chalk player:

      A bettor who rarely wagers on underdogs and prefers to back sure-shot favorites


      A bettor who focuses on statistics, rates, and other variables to make precise bets


      This is the amount of money you set aside for your bets – people try to not exceed it in order to minimize losses

      Round Robin:

      These are bets that apply to multiple teams (usually between three and ten)

      Permutation betting:

      A type of bet that includes several selections in various combinations


      Placing bets on both sides involved. Players use this method to ensure a profit or cut losses

      Hockey Betting Odds

      Unless you are a pro, here are some hockey betting odds you need to know:

      Live betting:

      Betting on a game while it’s in progress. These odds keep adjusting during the entire game

      Period betting:

      This means you bet on the results of a period and not the whole game

      Alternate lines:

      These are betting lines, which differ from the standard puck line, money line, and total, and typically are at inflated lines

      Exotic Wager:

      Any bet apart from the parlay or straight bet is an exotic wager


      In NHL betting, a parlay refers to a single bet where you combine several selections. To cash your parlay bet, all have to win

      hockey game

      Ice Hockey Betting Strategies

      To ensure your hockey sports betting remains fun, you have to continue making intelligent NHL hockey bets. Read through our proven ice hockey betting strategies to bet smart, win big, and have fun.

      Girl in a hockey mask

      Hockey Betting Formula

      We have rounded up three key strategies that make the best hockey betting formula you’ll ever need:


      If you have a history of NHL betting, you’re probably into statistics. But in ice hockey betting, learning to analyze key statistics can be the difference between winning and losing.

      To avoid losing, make sure any statistic you gather is timely, relevant, and from an established source such as ESPN or the official NHL website.

      Additionally, several NHL betting websites also have stats, so study numbers that will help you bet smart.

      Time Off

      It’s important to note which players or teams have had 4-5 days off between games. Though many bettors overlook this crucial factor in Canadian sports betting, it often pays heavily.

      This is because hockey is a physically demanding sport, and having some day’s rest between games can sway the result in their favor.

      Home Advantage

      In most sports, the home team has a slight advantage over the opponent. However, this isn’t true with ice hockey!

      There is tall plexiglass between teams and fans in the NHL, which allows teams playing away from home to focus solely on their game.


      Where To Bet On Hockey

      Many people like to place sports bets as it means that they can enjoy watching their favourite games while boosting their adrenaline levels. However, there are also many scams out there, so it is essential to find a reputable platform.

      Not all sites are worth your money and time. If you’re looking for the best NHL betting websites to bet on hockey, read on as we have gathered a valuable list.

      You can check out the best sports betting brands at CasinoValley best online casino reviews. Here you can try to bet on your favourite sports team.

      Best Hockey Betting Systems

      Here are two most popular hockey betting systems that you should try once:

      hockey ice


      The All-In approach means that you risk your entire bankroll. For example, if you begin with $200 and win $200 on your maiden bet, you’ll stake $400 on your next bet. If you win that as well, you’ll risk $800 on your next.

      It’s the fastest way to double your money. However, it takes one lousy bounce from someone’s stake to lose all your money. Then what?

      You can use the “all-in” approach again to build your lost bankroll if you intend to reload your sportsbook. ?


      Kelly Criterion

      Although it’s comparatively complicated than others, the Kelly Criterion approach is among the most common in modern hocking betting systems, especially for seasoned bettors.

      Through this approach, you base the bet’s amount on things you have the strongest feeling of winning.

      This way, you’ll only risk on bets you’re confident of (and hopefully win) and avoid the risk where you have the slightest edge-on.

      Hockey Betting Apps

      These days, people are hooked to their smartphones. Therefore, NHL betting has also transitioned to mobile platforms. Bookmakers have recognized that bettors would much rather wager on NHL hockey games from their cellphones without having to visit an outlet or turn on their computers. That’s why every renowned Canadian hockey wagering website now has its own hockey betting apps, which players can download to their tablets or smartphones. ? We all know how smartphones have made our lives easier, but when talking about smartphone betting specifically, these are a few of the benefits you can reap:

      Ease And Convenience

      With hockey betting apps and websites, you can easily track every upcoming NHL sports event and react quickly to changes that may occur.

      These changes can be related to line-ups, schedules, or injuries. Knowing these things on the go can provide you more control over how you bet.

      Free Access To Functionality

      Through your betting app, you’ll be able to track results and statistics of various NHL games, make predictions, and arrange withdrawals.

      Perhaps the most significant benefit is that you can make deposits using various channels such as a standard bank transfer, MasterCard, Direct Bank, Visa, or BillPay.

      In addition to that, you can watch live ice hockey matches online using the betting app. Plus, some apps allow you to listen to the commentary. ??

      You May Get A Bonus

      Sports betting agencies provide bonuses to players who bet using their betting apps. Most of the time, they offer impressive bonuses that may even make up for losing.

      Hockey Betting Predictions


      We provide NHL betting predictions and picks for each game of 2021. Our experts evaluate the data, crunch numbers, and offer you free hockey picks every day.

      In short, we offer valuable insights into every game by each of the 31 teams throughout the season. It includes sides, Moneyline, totals, and puck lines based on injuries, value, schedule, trends, and more.

      Among other features, our hockey betting predictions offer:

      • 1 . Time/date of the game/event
      • 2. Competing NHL teams
      • 3. League/tournament
      • 4 . Tipster rating and name
      • 5. Bookmaker, current lines, and odds
      • 6. Bet kind and market
      • 7. Exclusive predictions
      • 8. Analysis
      hockey gates

      Bet On NHL Hockey

      If you want to learn how to bet on hockey games and win big, you must first know the basics. These include:

      • Understanding NHL odds
      • How to predict NHL hockey gamesLet’s explore the two in detail


        NHL Odds

        Here are the three most popular NHL odds on hockey betting:


      Whether you’re a bettor or a non-bettor, when you bet, you make Moneyline wagers. It’s one of the simplest ways for players to bet on NHL hockey.
      You have to choose either a team or a player to win. If the side you pick wins, the bookmaker will pay your dues – simple!
      This is a great source to stay up-to-date with the latest odds.

      Puck Line

      The puck line is the spread of hockey betting. Here, players will bet that a team will win the contest by specific numbers, rather than wagering simply that a team will win.
      This kind of handicap betting gives underdogs a slight edge over the favorites – 1.5 goal difference, to be precise.
      And since NHL is one of the low-scoring sports, the favorites have to score a minimum of 2 goals to win, and the underdogs wouldn’t lose the game by over two goals.

      Over/Under (Total)

      After Moneyline and puck line, the third popular way to wager on ice hockey is over/under or simply “Totals.” Let’s assume the game’s outcome is 5-4. In over/under bets, you’ll bet on total goals scored in a match.
      If you expect the final result to be higher than the bookmaker’s fixed number, you’ll wager ‘over’; however, if not, you’ll bet ‘under.’ This NHL odd is not available most of the time at the oddsmaker.

      How To Predict NHL Games?

      Here’s how you can predict NHL games successfully:


      1. Choose a game you want to bet on
      2. Analyze the results of their five previous games
      3. Look into what the NHL experts are saying and predicting about the match
      4. Then, supervise the body language of their star players and
      5. Also, look at the 3-day activities leading up to gameday, including traveling, etc.
      6. See who won their last match with how many goals
      7. Now, place your bet on a team that scores high on these steps, and you’ll have a bright chance of winning


      people with a flag on Canadian hockey

      Popular Hockey Betting Mistakes

      ?It’s vital to know the possible pitfalls you may face when you start anything new. And in NHL betting, minor mistakes can cost you big time.

      Here’s a list of popular hockey betting mistakes NHL wagerers make that you need to avoid:

      ? – Not checking playing line-ups

      ? – Always taking a puck line bet over Moneyline bet

      ? – Misinterpreting statistics

      ? – Using inaccurate, useless, or outdated statistics

      ? – Overlooking the ‘fatigue’ factor

      ? – Neglecting the defense

      ? – Overvaluing starting lines (first lines)

      ? – Ignoring goalies

      ? – Not identifying minor injuries

      Final Tips For Hockey Betting

      Betting on hockey can be a challenging task — even for seasoned professionals! We have gathered a few helpful tips that can spell success for you.

      hockey player standing in a darkness
      Hockey Betting

      Place Live Bets

      In hockey, everything changes quickly, which is why you should resort to constant live betting. It’s one of the best ways to capitalize on unforeseen issues, such as:

      A team or a player that isn’t playing well
      The key player is injured
      Struggling goaltender

      Ride A Hot Goaltender

      Few players can help a team win a game, and hot goaltenders are one of them. They can single-handedly take a team on a winning streak.

      But before betting on the game, make sure to skim through every team’s goaltenders from:

      Stats of the previous six games

      Season stats

      Splits against rival teams

      Underdog Value

      Unlike the National Football League (NFL) or the National Basketball Association (NBA), the difference among teams in hocking betting is extremely thin.

      This is mainly because even the underdog team has won 30% of their total games in ice hockey. NHL is arguably the only sports where you can win big by betting on underdogs.

      canadian hockey game
      Jerald Langworth

      Jerald Langworth

      Jerald Langworth is a sportswriter who has covered the major sports events in North America and beyond. He is also a sports betting handicapper for a variety of sports. He covered the NHL and the CFL for CBC Sports News from 1996 through to 2020 A sports betting expert with more than two decades of experience in the field, Langworth offers thorough coverage of hockey, football, basketball, and horse racing, as well as extensive advice on placing bets online and offline. From strategies that allow novices to win money on games, they know relatively little about advanced tactics based on detailed calculations of each team's strengths and weaknesses. This is all Jerald explains in his articles. Also, he provides a blueprint for success, including what to bet on and when to back your selection, based on wagering practice.


      3-way betting refers to the bet on a total 60-minute game. It doesn’t include penalties or overtime. If you’re backing a team, they have to win outright in this given time. If you believe the match will not be decided in 60-minutes and may require a shootout or overtime, then you’ll have to back for a “tie.”

      A puck line in hockey betting refers to a spread point betting option. It’s (-1.5) goals for favorites and (+1.5) for the underdogs in each game as NHL hockey is often low scoring. 

      Follow the step by step instructions to bet on the Stanley cup final online:

      1.Select your betting option
      2.Research different teams
      3.Pick your side
      4.Search for the best odds and lines
      5.Place the hockey bet

      Follow the key points that will help you read a betting line in hockey:

      • Bets and odds for various games will be displayed along two rows: one row for the “away” team and the other one for the “home” team. Most sportsbooks in Canada post favorites with a “star” or in bold letters
      • You’ll see columns in the upper portion. These are bets such as over/under, puck line, and Moneyline
      • Every column will include numbers, with some having minus (-) and plus (+) on them
      • The minus sign is for favorites, and plus sign is for underdogs

      The LFT terminology in hockey betting is associated with puck line wagering. The acronym LFT stands for “lose by fewer than.” Both teams are assigned with a handicap (goals) scored throughout the game in a puck line.

      To win at hockey betting, you must follow these simple tips:

      • Favorites don’t always win
      • Shop around, don’t stick to few bookmakers
      • Bet with your mind and not heart
      • Make live betting
      • Look at road/home records